How do I exchange an item?




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    Jessica Lemons

    As a yoga teacher who wears nothing but yoga clothes this is really exciting and I have even had several students ask if something like this exists. My excitement dulled considerably after reading about the $12.95 shipping and restocking fee. As a petite person I can not wear onzie pants even the xs is baggy in the knees and I'm constantly tugging at them so any onzie pants would have to be sent back, if my top also didn't work I've lost all the perks of even buying your package in the almost $30 I'm having to pay you again to replace the clothes that didn't fit. It doesn't seem worth the risk.

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    Hi Jessica, as per our updated exchange policy. The $12.95 shipping and restocking fee applies on your 2nd time or more exchanges. The first exchange is always FREE. And the good news is if there are certain brands that are unlikely to fit you, you can let us know so we can ensure that we do not include it in your boxes. 

    We truly appreciate your honest and candid feedback and as a token of appreciation, we would like to offer you a 20% off your first order. To claim it, please send an email to: or give us a call at (855) 740-2626 between Monday-Friday (9am-5pm EST). 


    Sam @ YogaClub

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    Brianne Benedetto

    I really love the idea behind this program, but my concern is sizing. I'm either XS or S and things can fit me funny. Of I'm not happy with what is sent and it doesn't fit, I will wind up spending money on nothing because all sales are final and then we get smacked with a $12.95 shipping return. I would love to try this out, but what if we aren't happy with what is sent and/or it doesn't fit. Like with Stitch Fix, if you don't like what is sent you don't get charged. I'm just nervous that I will lose money and have nothing to show for it. I am in need of yoga clothes and can never find stuff in my size locally, so it seems perfect but what if what is sent doesn't work for me? Just trying to figure this whole thing out :) thanks.

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