When does YogaClub ship and how long will it take to receive my box?




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    Mine claims to have shipped last Friday the 14th but Fedex says a label was created but it hasn't moved... I am now a week past when I was billed

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    Jessica Alessandro

    This is false. I live in Hawaii and have to pay almost $10 extra dollars for shipping, and it took 3 weeks to get my damaged box. I received an email on July 3 with my tracking info, and my box was finally delivered on July 21. Mind you, a few days later another payment was taken out for the next box. I had to send back my leggings because they were extremely too tight, and I did so on July 21, the day I received them so I could hurry up and receive the new pair before the next box was taken out of my account so I can see if this outfit was even worth the almost $100, and I still don't have my leggings.

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    This is a complete and total lie. I ordered my first box on July 27th, it's now August 3rd and the box still hasn't shipped which wouldn't be that big of a deal if I could just get some freakin updates about my order but yoga clubs customer service is horrible. I've emailed the member care and received no response and called twice only to be told to leave a voicemail and I still haven't been contacted. This is the worst company ever, I have never dealt with such neglectful and unprofessional people. I will definitely be canceling my subscription and probably be demanding a refund for the box I did purchase if it ever actually ships. What's sad is sad is my card was charged immediately when I ordered which makes me want to believe that this whole thing is a scam just to steal people's money. Such a disappointment.

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    Jennifer chia

    It's been almost 3 days and I still don't even have a confirmation email confirming my order. Plus no response on my inquiry.... yet my card was charged immediately. 


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